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  • Part Time
  • Duration           :          6 Weeks
  • Class                :          1.30 Hrs Daily
  • Days                 :          Mon-Fri.
  • Half Time
  • Duration           :          3 Weeks
  • Class                :          3.00 Hrs Daily
  • Days                 :          Mon-Fri.
  • Full Time
  • Duration           :          2 Weeks
  • Class                :          4.30 Hrs Daily
  • Days                 :          Mon-Fri.


The 'Center for Mechanical Design and Digital-arts-courses.php' by COMPUTEC Professionals Group offers this course in CAD CAM Software. The center, with a motive to promote the interaction between the institute and the industry, provides these programs along with extension courses, consultancy services and collaborative training. They also work in providing corporate training to notable organizations in order to increase their skilled workforce.


CATIA is the only solution capable of addressing the complete product development process which facilitates true collaborative Digital-arts-courses.php across the multi-disciplinary extended enterprise, including style and form design, mechanical design, equipment and systems Digital-arts-courses.php, digital mock-up, machining, analysis and simulation.

Module 1

Introduction to Catia

  • Workbenches
  • Toolbars
  • Specification Tree
  • Compass
  • Mouse Usage
  • File Operations

Module 2

Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-I

  • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench
  • Units, Grid Settings
  • Construction and Standard elements
  • Drawing Sketch objects I
  • Inferred Constraints
  • Exiting the Sketcher Workbench
  • View Manipulation

Module 3

Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-II

  • Drawing Sketch Objects II
  • Modifying sketch Objects
  • Sketch Transformations

Module 4

Constraining Sketches and Creating Base Features

  • Constraining Sketches
  • Geometric Constraints
  • Dimensional Constraints
  • Sketch Analysis
  • Creating an Extruded Solid Using the Pad Feature
  • Creating a Revolved Solid Using the Shaft Feature
  • Assigning a Material to the Model

Module 5

Reference Elements and Sketch-Based Features

  • Reference Elements
  • Drafted Filleted Pad Features
  • Multi-Pad Features
  • Pocket Features
  • Drafted Filleted Pocket
  • Multi-Pocket Features
  • Groove
  • Extruding and Revolving Faces
  • Projecting 3D Elements

Module 6

Creating Dress-Up and Hole Features

  • Hole features
  • Chamfer
  • Fillets
  • Draft
  • Shell

Module 7

Editing Features

  • Editing Features
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Deleting Features
  • Deactivating Features
  • Defining the Work Object
  • Reordering Features
  • Parent Child Relationships
  • Update Diagnostics
  • Measuring Elements

Module 8

Transformation Features and Advanced Modeling Tools-I

  • Translating and Rotating Bodies
  • Symmetry and Mirror Features
  • Patterns
  • Scale
  • Parts with Multiple Bodies
  • Boolean Operations
  • Stiffener Features

Module 9

Advanced Modeling Tools-II

  • Rib
  • Slot
  • Multi-section Solids
  • Power copy

Module 10

Wireframe and Surface Design

  • Surfacing Workbenches
  • Wireframe geometry
  • Extruded Surfaces
  • Revolved Surfaces
  • Offset Surfaces
  • Swept Surfaces
  • Fill Surface
  • Multi-section Surfaces
  • Blended Surfaces
  • Split, Trim and Join

Module 11

Assembly Design

  • Introduction to assembly design
  • Importing existing parts into assembly design
  • Positioning the parts at their respective positions
  • Defining the assembly constraints
  • Saving assembly into the database using save management

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