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Part Time
Duration 4 Week
Class 1.5Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri
Half Time
Duration 2 Week
Class 3 Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri
Full Time
Duration 1 Week
Class 4.5 Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri

 I - SQL Overview

  •   Relational database concepts, specific products
  •   SQL syntax rules
  •   Data definition, data manipulation, and data control statements
  •   Getting acquainted with the course database and editor

 II - SQL SELECT statements

  •   Clauses
  •   The SELECT clause: columns and aliases, where expressions, order by expressions how null values behave

 III - SQL Functions and Expressions

  •   Eliminating duplicates with DISTINCT arithmetic expressions
  •   Replacing null values
  •   Numeric operations, including rounding
  •   Date and time functions
  •   Nested table expressions
  •   Case logic
  •   Other expressions in specific dbms products

 IV - SQL Updating

  •   The INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements
  •   Column constraints and defaults
  •   Referential integrity constraints

 V - SQL Joins

  •   Inner joins with original and SQL 92 syntax
  •   Table aliases
  •   Left, right and full outer joins, Inner joins
  •   Self-joins

 VI - SQL Sub queries and Unions

  •   Intersection with IN, and, Between
  •   Sub queries
  •   Difference with IS NULL and IS NOT NULL sub queries
  •   The purpose and usage of UNION and UNIONALL

 VII - SQL Summarization

  •    The column functions MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM and COUNT, UPPER, LENGTH, LOWER
  •   The GROUP BY and HAVING clauses Grouping in a combination with joining

Part Time
Duration 2 Months
Class 1.5Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri
Half Time
Duration 1 Month
Class 3 Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri
Full Time
Duration 3 Weeks
Class 4.5 Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri

 I - Relational Database Basics

  •   Brief History of SQL
  •   Relational Databases
  •   Tables
  •   Rows
  •   Columns
  •   Relationships
  •   Datatypes
  •   Primary Keys
  •   Foreign Keys
  •   Relational Database
  •   Management System

 II - Database

  •   Popular Databases
  •   Commercial Databases
  •   Popular Open Source Databases
  •   Valid Object References

 III - Statements

  •   SQL Statements
  •   Database Manipulation Language (DML)
  •   Database Definition Language (DDL)
  •   Database Control Language (DCL)

 IV - Sorting

  •    Simple SELECT
  •   Introduction to the Northwind Database
  •   Some Basics
  •   Comments
  •   Whitespace and Semi-colons
  •   Case Sensitivity
  •   SELECTing All Columns in All Rows
  •   Exploring the Tables
  •   SELECTing Specific Columns
  •   Sorting Records
  •   Sorting By a Single Column
  •   Sorting By Multiple Columns
  •   Sorting By Column Position
  •   Ascending and Descending Sorts
  •   The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols
  •   Checking for Equality
  •   Checking for Inequality
  •   Checking for Greater or Less Than
  •   Checking for NULL
  •   WHERE and ORDER BY
  •   Using the WHERE clause to check for equality or inequality
  •   Using the WHERE clause to check for greater or less than
  •   Checking for NULL
  •   Using WHERE and ORDER BY Together
  •   The WHERE Clause and Operator Words
  •   The BETWEEN ,IN Operator
  •   The LIKE Operator
  •   The NOT Operator
  •   More SELECTs with WHERE
  •   Checking Multiple Conditions
  •   AND,OR
  •   Order of Evaluation
  •   Writing SELECTs with Multiple Conditions

 V - Function And Grouping

  •   Advanced SELECTS
  •   Calculated Fields
  •   Concatenation
  •   Mathematical Calculations
  •   Aliases
  •   Calculating Fields
  •   Aggregate Functions and Grouping
  •   Aggregate Functions
  •   Grouping Data
  •   Selecting Distinct Records
  •   Working with Aggregate Functions
  •   Built-in Data Manipulation Functions
  •   Common Math Functions
  •   Common String Functions
  •   Common Date Functions
  •   Data Manipulation Functions

 VI - SubQueries

  •   Subqueries, Joins and Unions
  •   Subqueries
  •   Joins
  •   Table Aliases


  •   Multi-table Joins
  •   Using Joins,Outer Joins
  •   Unions
  •   Working with Unions

 VIII - Alteration

  •   If time allows, one or more of the following may be covered:
  •   Conditional Processing with CASE
  •   Student Challenges - Design your own report

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