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Diploma in CompTIA N+


  •   Definition of a Network
  •   Lans, Wans and the Internet
  •   Functions of a Network
  •   Overview of Network Components
  •   Networking Models
  •   Definitions
  •   Cards and Cabling
  •   Network Adapter Cards
  •   Configuring and Installing a Network Card
  •   Diagnosing Network Card Failure
  •   Network Cabling

 Cards and Cabling

  •   Network Adapter Cards
  •   Configuring and Installing a Network Card
  •   Diagnosing Network Card Failure
  •   Twisted Pair Cable
  •   Other Cable Types
  •   LAN Topologies
  •   Installing Cabling
  •   Crimping Cables
  •   Testing Cables
  •   Building a BUS Network and Testing Network Communications
  •   Building a Star Network With a Backbone and Testing Network Communications
  •   Diagnosing Network Faults

 Networking Technologies

  •   Introduction to the OSI Model
  •   Brief Outline of the 7 Layers - Name and Function
  •   Network Card Drivers
  •   Installing and Configuring Network Card Drivers
  •   Bindings
  •   802 Standards
  •   Ethernet
  •   Token Ring
  •   Other Technologies


  •   Protocols
  •   TCP/IP
  •   IPX/SPX
  •   Netbeui
  •   Characteristics of Network Protocols
  •   Choosing a Protocol
  •   Adding and Removing Protocols
  •   Protocol Configuration Problems

 Extending Networks

  •   Repeaters and Hubs
  •   Bridges
  •   Routers and Brouters
  •   Network Addresses
  •   Routing Tables


  •   The Development of TCP/IP
  •   The TCP/IP Protocol
  •   TCP/IP as an Open Standard
  •   IP Addresses
  •   Configuring and Testing IP Addresses
  •   Viewing the ARP Cache
  •   Network Addresses
  •   Creating Subnets
  •   Modifying the Subnet Mask
  •   Default Gateway
  •   Adding a Default Gateway
  •   IP Routing
  •   Configuring Static Routing
  •   Testing TCP/IP
  •   DHCP and Automatic IP Configuration
  •   Using DHCP
  •   Host Names and Fqdns
  •   Configure Host Names In the DNS
  •   Server (Netbios) Name Resolution
  •   WINS
  •   TCP Ports
  •   TCP/IP Services
  •   Configuring Browser Software
  •   Configuring an Email Client
  •   Firewalls
  •   Proxy Servers

 Client / Server Communication Layers

  •   Server Operating Systems
  •   Comparison of Microsoft Windows NT, Novell Netware and Unix
  •   Workstation Clients
  •   Microsoft Windows 9x, Microsoft Windows NT and Novell Clients
  •   Mapping Network Drives
  •   Troubleshooting Connection Problems
  •   NDS, X400 / X500, LDAP and Active Directory / Domains
  •   Gateways
  •   Using a Gateway

 Remote Connectivity

  •   Requirements For Remote Connectivity
  •   Public Networks
  •   Dial Up Lines
  •   ISDN
  •   SLIP and PPP
  •   PPTP

 Network Security

  •   User Level Security
  •   Share Level Security
  •   Adding Users
  •   Password Principles
  •   Encryption
  •   Firewalls

 Test Equipment For LANS and WANS

  •   Terminators
  •   Cable Testers and Certifiers
  •   Voms
  •   TDR
  •   Product Indicators
  •   Fox and Hound

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