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Days Mon-Fri
Full Time
Duration 5 Months
Class 4.5 Hrs. Daily
Days Mon-Fri

For Business Accountant OR Accounts Manager OR Accountant

Your career after a course in Accounting

Study in Accounting may include topics like Accounting Framework, Legal Framework, Management Information, Organizational Framework, Audit Framework, Tax Framework, Managerial Finance, Accounting Skills, Credit Transaction Skills, Payroll Transactions, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. Accountancy is a subject that is favorable for managers in corporate houses and tax professionals as it helps them in determining the financial position of the firm and the various ways in which resource allocation can be done for the companies.

Accounting courses nowadays have improved a lot and have added various topics like business ethics, fraud prevention and investor relations other than classical topics like asset valuation and business mathematics. Some of the most sought after courses in this field include Professional Diploma in Finance & Accounts and Diploma in Accounting & Taxation/Payroll.


For undergraduate programmers, one must be a 12th passed or one must have a Bachelor's degree.

  Career Prospects

This field offers a wide range of career options. You will learn how business works. Being a gradually evolving field, it offers indulging and challenging work. You will spend a lot of time looking under the hoods of businesses and learn the framework of business. Owing to this factor, many successful businessmen started their careers with accounting jobs. If you are determined and have the right potential, then you can grow up to the position of Chief Financial Officers in large corporations. In short, accountants are in demand in major corporations because whenever a company needs someone to do their books for them, an accountant will be the first person they call. One can look forward to careers like:

  1.   Accountant or Business Accountant or Accounts Manager
  2.   Revenue Agent
  3.   Marketing Manager
  4.   Financial Analyst
  5.   Tax Policy Analyst
  6.   Tax Attorney Specialist
  7.   Employment Tax Specialist
  8.   Personal Finance Consultant
  9.   MIS Analyst


  •   Adv. MS WORD 2016
  •   Adv. MS EXCEL 2016
  •   Adv. MS POWER POINT 2016
  •   Adv. MS ACCESS 2016


  •   Accounting terminology
  •   Activities  and user of Accounting Information
  •   Assumption of Accounting
  •   Principal of Accounting
  •   Accounting cycle and source/Accounting document
  •   Accounting equation Classification of Account
  •   Types of Expenditure
  •   Compound Entry
  •   Subsidiary book and types of book
  •   Trial balance & Objectives
  •   Rectification of Error
  •   Provision & Reserve
  •   Inventory & cost for Inventory Valuation
  •   Suspense Account
  •   Share capital of company
  •   Kind of Share, forfeiture of share
  •   Over Subscription & Pro-rata allotment
  •   Accounting voucher
  •   Journal, cash book, ledger and trial balance
  •   Bills of exchange
  •   Depreciation
  •   Bank Reconciliation Statement
  •   Financial Statements
  •   Ratio Analysis
  •   Cash Flow Statement
  •   MIS Report
  •   Budget & Types of Budget
  •   Accounting Standard


  •   Introduction of tally
  •   Company information
  •   Create a new company
  •   Current period, current date
  •   Company creation (accounts maintain, financial year, security control, Tally vault)
  •   Accounts info
  •   Group ledger
  •   Ledger
  •   Entries with dr. And cr.
  •   Using cash account in journal
  •   Voucher types
  •   Select company
  •   Shut company
  •   Alter company
  •   Delete company
  •   Group company
  •   Change tally vault
  •   Balance sheet
  •   Profit & loss a/c
  •   Ratio analysis
  •   Trial balance
  •   Accounts book
  •   Statement of account
  •   Cash/fund flow
  •   Day Book
  •   List of account
  •   Bill wise detail with (new reference, against ref, advance, on account)
  •   Display (statement of a/c, payable, receivables, outstanding ledger, group)
  •   Purchase and sale order
  •   Create purchase order
  •   Alter purchase order
  •   Delete purchase order
  •   Create sale order
  •   Alter sale order
  •   Delete sale order
  •   Stock group
  •   Stock item
  •   Unit of measure
  •   Voucher entries –goods in, goods out
  •   Alternate unit and standard rate
  •   Opening balance, stock summary
  •   Display (inventory books, day book, list of account)
  •   Accounts with inventory(balance sheet.p&l a/c, stock summary, ratio display)
  •   Cost centre
  •   Creation of cost centre
  •   Alteration of cost centre
  •   Cost categories
  •   Create cost categories
  •   Alter cost categories
  •   Godown/location
  •   Create godown
  •   Alter godown
  •   Removing companies
  •   Copy company
  •   Tds
  •   Transaction of Tds
  •   Ledger for Tds
  •   Payment voucher
  •   Preparing Tds challan
  •   Deposit of Tds to govt
  •   GST
  •   Ledger for GST
  •   Transaction of GST
  •   Adjustment of GST
  •   Payment of GST
  •   Budget
  •   Types of budget
  •   Creation of scenario
  •   Alter or display scenario information
  •   Splitting company data
  •   Steps of splitting
  •   From tally to excel
  •   Importing into ms-excel
  •   Removing companies
  •   Copy companies
  •   Printout of balance sheet,P & L a/c, ledger
  •    Currency creation ( How to create New currency & how to set the price Lists.)
  •    POS(Point of Sale)
  •    Payroll(payroll info)
  •    Employees and salary detail
  •    Maintain attendance register of employees
  •   BOM (bill of material)
  •   Ledger of BOM
  •   Transaction of BOM
  •   Alter of BOM
  •   After ledger for excise duty
  •   Employees group
  •   Create Attendance type
  •   Debit & Credit note
  •   Stock summary
  •   Unit of leave (payroll)
  •   Create Item of BOM
  •   How to create voucher after
  •   Customer pay their payment
  •   How to create voucher with discount & frieght charges
  •   How can we do reject in reject our entry & use option
  •   Delivery note & Reciept note
  •   Give challan number in item


  •   Banking system in India
  •   Banker’s & Customer Relation
  •   Customer Account with the Banker
  •   Modern Account opening procedures
  •   Banking Operation
  •   Summarized of cheque, Types of Cheques
  •   Types of Crossing
  •   Loan Advances
  •   Types of Commercial credit Letters
  •   Housing Loans Schemes
  •   Calculation Of Interest
  •   Different Interest rate on Different Deposit
  •   Concepts of Banking
  •   Credit, Debit Card, E-banking, Banking documentation
  •   Final Accounts of Banks
  •   Asset Classification and Provisioning on Advance.
  •   Foreign Exchange


  •   Investment & Portfolio Management
  •   Securities & Function of SEBI
  •   Depository
  •   Primary Market & Different Kinds of Issues of Shares in Primary Market
  •   Secondary Market(Stock & Share Market)
  •   Mutual Funds
  •   Debt Investment Market
  •   Derivatives and Types of Derivatives Market
  •   Commodity Market
  •   Types of commodity Market
  •   Function of Price Risk Management
  •   Concepts and Modes of Interest
  •   Ratio Analysis


  •   Cost Management, Job Costing, Process Costing and Operation Costing
  •   Preparation of Cost Sheet
  •   Material Management
  •   Method of Cost Control
  •   Labour Costing
  •   Overheads
  •   Meaning and Concept of Overheads Absorption
  •   Operating Costing
  •   Contract Costing
  •   Marginal Costing


  •   Objects & Advantages of Audit
  •   Fraud & Error
  •   Types of Audit
  •   Internal control and control Procedures.
  •   Vouching & Audit of cash Trading Transaction
  •   Verification & ledger Scrutiny
  •   Tax Audit under Income Tax Act.
  •   Audit of the Sole Proprietorship and Partnership Concern and Company Audit


  •   Company Act 1956 Concept
  •   Types of Companies, Conversion of Company
  •   Memorandum and Articles of Association
  •   Incorporation of a company
  •   Issues of Shares
  •   Share Capital & Debentures, Share Certificate, share Warrant
  •   Membership of a company
  •   Director &  types of Director
  •   Appointment Of Director and Auditor
  •   Audit of  Accounts
  •   Register of Member and Debenture Holder
  •   Winding Up (Kinds of Voluntary Winding Up)
  •   Payment of  Bonus Act,1965
  •   Dividend(declaration ,distribution of  dividend)
  •   Provident Fund, 1952(Labour Law- EPF,ESI Act)
  •   Calculation of Provident Fund
  •   Pension Scheme
  •   Gratuity Act,1972
  •   Employees State Insurance Act,1948


  •   Residential Status & Slab rate of Taxes
  •   Certain Incomes Exempt From Tax
  •   Income under Head Salary
  •   Income under the Head house Property
  •   Profit & Gains from Business & Profession
  •   Income under the Head Capital Gains
  •   Income under the head Other Sources
  •   Clubbing of Income, set off & Carry Forward of losses, Deduction from Gross Total Income.
  •   Agricultural Income, Illustration on Computation of Total Income & Liability
  •   Assessment of Firms, Return of Income & Assessment of individual
  •   Service Tax- payments of tax, taxable services
  •   CENVAT credit
  •   TDS/TCS-Types of Forms, return filing
  •   Tax Deduction of Source, Advance Tax, Interest, Refund, Penalty, Income Tax-Preparation of Income Tax Return Filing (Manually and E-filling ) allotment of PAN,TAN, Advance tax , penalties, complete documentation
  •   Legal Documentation
  •   Legal Documentation For GST


  •   GSTR-1
  •   GSTR-2
  •   GSTR-3
  •   GSTR-4
  •   GSTR-5
  •   GSTR-6
  •   GSTR-7
  •   GSTR-8


  •    TDS/TCS Challan
  •   TDS 24Q
  •   TDS 26Q


  •   ITR-1 , ITR-2 , ITR-3 , ITR-4 , ITR-5


  •   Financial Accounting (Multi-Currency)
  •   Multi-location Inventory Management
  •   Production /Bill of Material
  •   Sales /Purchase Order Processing
  •   Fully User-configurable Invoicing
  •   User-Configurable Document / Letter
  •   GST
  •   GST TAX Report / Register
  •   TDS
  •   MIS Report & Analysis
  •   Credit Limit
  •   Budget
  •   Post Dated Cheque
  •   Royalty Calculation
  •   Company Act Depreciation
  •   Batch Wise Detail
  •   Cost Centre & Cost Centre Group
  •   Material Centre Group & Material Centre


  •   Relational database concepts, specific products
  •   SQL syntax rules
  •   Data definition, data manipulation, and data control statements
  •   Getting acquainted with the course database and editor

  •   Clauses
  •   The SELECT clause: columns and aliases, where expressions, order by expressions how null values behave

  •   Numeric operations, including rounding
  •   Date and time functions
  •   Nested table expressions
  •   Case logic
  •   Other expressions in specific Dbms products

  •   The INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements
  •   Column constraints and defaults
  •   Referential integrity constraints

  •   Inner joins with original and SQL 92 syntax
  •   Table aliases
  •   Left, right and full outer joins, Inner joins
  •   Self-joins

  •   Intersection with IN, and, Between
  •   Sub queries
  •   Difference with IS NULL and IS NOT NULL sub queries
  •   The purpose and usage of UNION and UNIONALL

  •   The column functions MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM and COUNT, UPPER, LENGTH, LOWER
  •   The GROUP BY and HAVING clauses Grouping in a combination with joining


  •   Quick Review of Macros
  •   Introducing the Visual Basic Editor
  •   Uses of record Macros
  •   Understanding and creating modules

  •   VBA Sub and Function Procedures
  •   How to create a message box
  •   Write a Program to update and retrieve information using Input Box
  •   Understanding and using Select Case statement
  •   How do I define a variables and Rules for defining a Variables Name and Type
  •   Creating And using Variables
  •   Working with range Objects
  •   How to save and Protect Modules

  •   If……Then……Else
  •   If……Then……Else If……If

  •   Working with Do While u. Loop Procedure
  •   Do…… Until Loop and Do…… Loop Until
  •   Do……While loop and Do…… Loop While
  •   For each…… Next
  •   For……Next

  •   Workbook Save and Save AS
  •   Open Single and Multiple Workbooks
  •   Close Specify and Multiple Workbooks
  •   Activate From one workbook to another Workbook
  •   Open Workbook from Specific Path
  •   Get Workbook Name and Paths
  •   Hide and Unhide for Single and Multiple Workbooks
  •   Protect and Unprotect Worksheets

  •   Delete Specific and multiple worksheets
  •   Get Count of Worksheets
  •   Select a Specific and all Worksheets
  •   Get All Worksheets Name
  •   Hide and Unhide For Single and Multiple Worksheets
  •   Rename for Single and Multiple Worksheets
  •   Protect and unprotect worksheets
  •   Sort and Move worksheets
  •   Calculate entire worksheet
  •   Using VBA and worksheet Function

  •   Delete Single and Multiple row, Column and Cells
  •   Get Range or Address of Cell and Selection
  •   Navigate from one Cell to another Cell
  •   Select specific Range, Cell, Rows and Column
  •   Types of Selection and Offset method
  •   Insert Function In cell

  •   Defining Arrays
  •   Arrays as Outputs
  •   Arrays as inputs
  •   The Arrays as a Collection
  •   The Array as an Array

  •   Working With User Forms & User Forms Events Like List Box, Combo Box, Option Buttons, Check Box, Text Box, Labels, Command Button, Toggle Button.
  •   How To Create Dynamic Dashboard On User Form With Different Controls
  •   How To Link Various User Form With Each Other To Create A Complete Interface Between User And System

  •   Create a Sum Functions
  •   Create Multiply Function
  •   Create Count Function
  •   Extract Text & Number
  •   Proper Function
  •   Vlookup Function
  •   Square root Function
  •   Public or Private function

  •   Working with Dynamic Ranges. Protecting worksheets, Cells and Ranges. Working with Multiple Files. Opening &saving Files
  •   How to Analyze Data On multi Worksheets And Build Summary sheets
  •   how to Access the Windows File and Folder System to Open and Close Workbooks
  •   How to protect your code Against Errors
  •   How to use Excel And VBA to Create Basic Dash Boards
  •   How to create Your own custom Business Worksheet Function in VBA
  •   How to create Basic Report Generation Tools Using Excel VBA, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  •   How to use the Excel Visual Basic Macro record Excel Tasks in VBA And then Interpret the code

  •   How To Establish Connection Between VBA And Power Presentation To Create Power Point Through VBA
  •   How To Establish Connection Between Excel Vba And Outlooks Through Vba
  •   How To Establish Connection Between Excel Vba And MS Word Through Vba

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